National Business Do Not Call Registry

Business-to-business telemarketing is more than just a nuisance.  Those annoying, repetitive sales calls tie up your phone lines, distract your staff, and keep your business from, well . . .  doing business. is the new Do Not Call service for businesses who want to block annoying telemarketing calls. Our simple, easy-to-use b2b do not call registry service lets businesses stop telemarketers before they begin. Also, now for the first time BizDNC gives you a new contact option called BizMail Delivery.  This unique feature allows business owners and executives the option to receive important offers, discounts, or appointments via a new private email service.

BizDNC is a cost-effective, time-saving Telemarketing Do Not Call solution to the problem of unwanted B2B telemarketing. We provide do not call list registration & maintain the do not call directory for businesses in the US & Canada.

How it Works works in two significant ways. It gives businesses the power to cut down on unsolicited sales calls by blocking telemarketers. Further, it gives telemarketers a special way to reach key decision makers who want to hear about their offers...

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BizMail Delivery

When you register your business on BizDoNotCall, you’ll have the option to receive direct mail or email offers via BizMail Delivery -- the alternative to time-consuming telemarketing calls...

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For Telemarketers

Search our “Do Not Call” list for businesses and use our BizMail Delivery service to connect with potential customers. BizMail Delivery is a marketing tool that allows companies to receive marketing materials from pre-approved vendors and service providers.

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